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 Coming up with some creative handyman advertising ideas is the best approach to handyman marketing in North Carolina. Here are a few to get you started with your handyman marketing plan.A website is your home base on the internet and serves as an anchor point for all your handyman advertising. If you put up a handyman ad on the internet, then you need a place for the advertisement to link to. People want to follow through on what an advertisement offers while still browsing the internet. Without a website, people will not be able to follow up instantly on your advertisement. Do you trust people to remember or write down a phone number from your ad and then follow up later? Don’t bet on it.

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Social media is an essential part of any modern handyman marketing plan. Maintain social media accounts for your business, such as Twitter or Instagram. These are useful for giving your business some personality and help people better personally connect with you. You can post updates, share handyman tips and build a community around your business this way. Ask questions to get your followers engaged. Post interesting content and give people a behind-the-scenes look at what it is like to be a handyman.

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The Main Things to Focus on in Marketing Your Handyman Business

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You've decided to start your own handyman business. Congratulations! Ahead of you is both an exciting and challenging time since the skills required to be a handyman are not necessarily the same skills that are required to run and market a business. I am assuming that you have the skills required to perform your job as a professional handyman and you know how to provide excellent core service to your clients.

I will be helping you answer the types of questions I get most often from business owners and handyman business owners in particular: how do I market my business and get clients.

There are two major categories for marketing: database marketing and marketing to build your database. Let's look at each one so you can understand their relationship.

Database marketing is marketing to the people that already know and hopefully like and trust you. This includes your existing clients. It also includes your friends, family and business associates that may refer you business. Additionally, it is also made up of potential prospects that have inquired about your service.

Marketing to build your database is probably the marketing you imagined doing to promote your business. This is marketing to the general public to build up your database. Sure, you might do some marketing to find out that someone has an immediate need and the are going into your database at the same time that you going to give them a bid for work they need to get done, but you need to take a much longer view of your business than just generating immediate business. Immediate business is critically important for cash flow, but you are probably going to want to build your handyman business up to the point where you are not relying on the more expensive marketing of acquiring a new client and instead rely on a carefully nurtured and maintained list of existing clients that repeatedly comes back to you with all their handyman needs.


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Handyman PPC Marketing Estimates

A handyman business fits into the lifestyle of many people, including contractors, retired tradesmen, or even handy stay-at-home parents who need to have a flexible work schedule. It can be rewarding, and as a handyman you will have a respected and welcome profession. To get started as a handyman, as with any company it is important to have a plan written first.

The right type of business plan will outline exactly how you will run the business, who else, if anyone will be involved, and the market you will solicit business from. The executive summary of the handyman business plan also gives the basic details of the business; who owns it, brief background information on the owner/s, where it is located, etc.

The next section gives general information about the size of the market, and the specific numbers of potential target customers in the aforementioned area. Knowing how many people you may be advertising to, and the rate at which these numbers will grow, can help plan future financing and expansion of your business.

One of the most important sections of this business plan talks about the specific services the business specializes in, as well as how this handyman business will be different from the others competing in the same market.

No part of the handyman business plan can be taken too lightly. A well written business plan can secure lines of credit and start up financing that will be needed for day-to-day operations, as well as future growth.


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Handyman Lead Generation Deals North Carolina

Handyman Lead Generation Deals North Carolina