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How It Works

We help agents promote their listings to thousands of prospective home buyers and sellers so they can grow their database, build more relationships and sell more homes, fast.

Advanced Targeting

We target thousands of individuals in your market whose interests and behaviors indicate they are likely to be prospective home buyers or sellers (our data partner, Acxiom, helps us with this).

We pay close attention to the demographic and geographic targeting to maximize results for your campaign.

Mobile-Friendly Ads

We use photos and info of your listing to create mobile-friendly ads that look great on Facebook and Instagram (which is important, since more than 80% of the people who see your ads will be on their smartphones).

We design ads that are more engaging than typical single-image ads, which means Facebook will show them to more people at a lower cost (based on what they call a “Relevance Score”).

Lead Capture & Notification

Facebook Lead Ads

Once someone clicks on your ad, a form pops up right inside of Facebook or Instagram that’s automatically filled out with their contact information (this works much better than linking to a contact or listing page on your website).

Once they hit “Submit” they’ll be directed to the property listing page and their info will be delivered to you via text and email so that you can follow up (we can also integrate with most CRMs).

Facebook Messenger Ads

We also run Facebook click-to-messenger ads. When someone clicks on these ads, they’re automatically entered into a live conversation on Facebook Messenger.

From there, you can follow up instantly right on Facebook. These ads typically generate more opportunities to instantly communicate with prospective home buyers and sellers.



I’ve run Facebook ads before without any luck. What makes your service different?

A couple of things. First of all, we have access to targeted home buyer/seller audience segments that other Facebook advertisers don’t (thanks to our data partner, Acxiom). Secondly, we use Facebook Lead Ads and Click-to-Messenger ads to quickly and seamlessly capture a lead’s contact info (which generally means more high-quality leads at a lower cost). Lastly, we create ads that receive more engagement than typical, single-image ads—which means Facebook will show them to more people at a lower cost (based on what they call a “Relevance Score”).

How long will it take for my campaign to start running?

After you schedule a demo, we’ll follow up to finish setting up your campaign. Then, we’ll submit your campaign to Facebook for review. This can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 48 hours, but we’ll let you know as soon as your campaign is scheduled to begin and we’ll send you a report of its results as soon as it ends.

Do you offer monthly plans or bulk discounts if I want to run multiple campaigns each month?

Yes we do! Use the contact form below or schedule a demo to tell us how many campaigns you plan to run each month and we’ll reach out with an estimate!

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